Monograph on Hans Kanters

This monograph on Hans Kanters written by art critic Wim van der Beek and translated into English by Sheila Gogol is published in November 2012. The 184-page book has more than 100 full colour illustrations and costs € 49,95.

You can order the book and have it sent to you. Mail your name and address to info@hanskanters.com. You will receive all the information to transfer € 49.95.

As soon as the payment has been received, the book will be sent to you.





Earlier publications

8 Realisten, De Toorts, Haarlem, 1975
Hedendaagse Fijnschilderkunst, Artim, Den Haag, 1976
Hans Kanters, Monografie, Amsterdam, 1979
Het groene aapje, Hetty Blok, illustraties Hans Kanters, Tiebosch bv, Amsterdam, 1980
Hans Kanters, Galerie Lieve Hemel, Amsterdam, 1987
Hans Kanters, Monografie, Galerie Hellingman, Amsterdam, 1992
Hans Kanters, Het eeuwige circus van de verbeelding, Inmerc bv, Wormer 1997